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Medical and Surgical Treatment of the Foot and Ankle.  A Private Corporation and Medical Practice.

2950 N. Church St. Ste 303, Layton, UT 84040

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Phone: 801-544-9441  /  Fax: 801-771-7140

Located off I-15 and Hwy 89. Our offices in Layton and Kaysville service Kaysville, Layton, Farmington, Centerville, Clearfield, Roy, West Point, Sunset, Syracuse, Morgan, Ogden and the surrounding cities. Davis, Weber, and Morgan Counties.

Dr Warby is a board certifiied physician and surgeon who treats orthopedic conditions of the lower extremity. We specialize in any problem, injury, disorder, wound, or orthopedic condition in the foot, ankle, or lower extremity including surgery, fracture, trauma, reconstructive surgery, bunions, hammertoes, sprained ankles, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, flat feet, achilles tendons, ankle joint and all other common orthopedic complaints of the foot and ankle. He is an expert in running injuries and works with many runners and their complaints.

Dr Warby is a specialist in total ankle replacement surgery (total ankle implant), ankle fusion surgery, ankle arthroscopy, and other reconstructive surgeries of the lower extremity. Dr Warby also specializes in minimal incision for plantar fasciitis, using the modern FAST technique with Tenex. He uses traditional medicine, as well as advanced surgical techniques and regenerative medicine to heal difficult conditions.

Dr Warby takes trauma call at the emergency room and is an expert in fractures and injuries in the ankle, foot, and lower leg. He also consults on second opinions on past surgeries including failed ankle fractures, foot injuries and unhealed trauma from other doctors.

Please click on the medical conditions links to see the common conditions that we treat in our office and in the hospital. Also check out the video section.

Running injuries

Minimal incision surgery for plantar fasciitis (Tenex)  See our pics and videos in the heel pain / plantar fasciitis section

Ankle fracture surgery

Total ankle replacement surgery

Foot reconstruction surgery

Bunion and metatarsal surgery

Calcaneal fracture surgery

Achilles tendon rupture surgery

Dr Warby during a Humanitarian surgery mission with Ghana Make A Difference, Ghana, Africa

Current office: 2950 N Church St, Ste 303, Layton UT 84040

Previous office: 275 N 300 W., Ste 403,  Kaysville UT 84037