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Heel pain / plantar fasciitis
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Ankle conditions

Dr Warby treats everything in the ankle, including ankle fractures, arthritis, dislocations, ankle joint pain, reconstructions, trauma, ankle sprains, screws and hardware, injections, pain relief, arthroscopy, total ankle replacement surgery (total ankle implant), ankle fusion, and any other orthopedic condition in this complex joint. He specializes in many conservative and surgical options and is known for discussing with patients which option would be the best for them. He performs many second opinions and gives patients the options for both non-surgical and surgical treatments.

Traumatic injury to the ankle

Ankle fracture surgery

Total Ankle Implant (total ankle replacement surgery)

Less invasive total ankle implant  Wright Medical Infinity implant (see our video section for a short video on this surgery)

Salto Talaris total ankle implant

Total ankle implant replacement surgery (two different views)

Ankle fusion surgery

Ankle and subtalar joint fusion (tibio-talo-calcaneal arthrodesis)

Ankle arthroscopy (ankle scope)                                                                 See our video section for a short video on this surgery

Drawing of ankle arthroscopy