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Dr Warby treats many conditions in the foot including trauma, fractures, dislocations, bunions, hammertoes, flat foot, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, warts, wounds, ingrown toenails, infections, swelling, arthritis, joint pain, custom orthotics, sprains, injuries, nerve pain, and anything else you can think of. He is an expert of discussing with patients about conservative and surgical options. Though he loves being in surgery, he knows that not everything requires surgery. Many patients are able to get better through non-surgical means.

Bunion deformity. Digital xray showing increased intermetatarsal angle.

Bunion deformity with arthritis in the big toe joint.

New lapiplasty procedure for bunion correction.

Bunion and metatarsal surgery. There are many surgery options and this is one of the options. Each surgery depends on the particular angle and deformity of that particular bunion.

Arthrosurface implant for the big toe (1st MTPJ) joint for arthritis in that joint.

Posterior heel spur (in Achilles tendon)

Normal heel without spur

Flat foot (view from side)

Flat foot (view from behind)

Flatfoot xray

Flatfoot correction surgery. There are many different types of surgery for flat feet. Each surgery option depends on the angles, deformity and amount of correction needed for each patient.

Foot reconstruction surgery

Calcaneal fracture

Custom and OTC orthotics. Many insurances pay for both.

Running injuries