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Our office specializes in modern techniques for plantar fasciitis. We utilize conservative treatments and minimally invasive surgical treatments. Dr Warby is well experienced in the Tenex Health TX Procedure for plantar fasciitis and has had great results. This procedure treats plantar fasciitis with a small minimal incision under anesthetic and ultrasound. This technique reduces the risks associated with older procedures and large incisions. Patients usually have a quick recovery and good relief of pain.

This procedure can also be used to remove bone spurs on the heel with a minimal incision as well.

Inflamed plantar fasciitis (bottom of heel)

Tenex minimal incision procedure for plantar fasciitis (also see our video section for short video of the procedure)

Picture of painful bone spur on the bottom of the heel, before using Tenex

Picture of bone spur removed on the bottom heel using Tenex